Shirt and Necktie Cookies for Father’s Day

Nothing like a little last minute idea for Father’s Day cookies! If it’s a bit too late to create your own, save these guys for next year (you can pin it here!)….or make a paper version. Cards like these would be just as cute, but not quite as delicious.

Father's Day Tie Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

This cookie concept came from another Father’s Day cookie design, these shirt and tie cookies, I made a while back. Because I still love them, I wanted to give ’em an update and get the kids involved. A bit of leftover dough this week was all I needed to make a nice set for good ol’ Dad.

Father's Day Shirt and Tie Cookies

For this new shirt and necktie cookie version, I used a small, 3 x 1 inch tie cutter and a large, 3 x 4.5 inch rectangle cutter. Once the cookies were baked and cooled, I flooded them with white royal icing and let them dry overnight.

shirt and ties-white

Depending on how many kids you’ve got and how into crafting they are, this next decorating step can take a total of about 5 minutes. Hand them bunch of food markers and let them color the tiny tie cookies to their heart’s content.

kiddies in action

They could draw details on the shirt as well, but they will probably want to get back to playing video games outside. It is summer break, after all…

Father's Day Shirt and Tie Cookie How-To by Melissa Joy

The number of shirt and ties you make is up to you. Arrange them as you see fit and they are ready for giving!

Father's Day Shirt & Tie Cookies by Melissa Joy

Have a relaxing Father’s Day, Daddies! May the only shirt and tie you have to see this Sunday, are the ones you can dunk in your coffee and eat. ❤

Tie Cookies for Father's Day

Football and Baseball Valentine Cookies

It’s #teamallboy over here, so sometimes the cutesy valentines don’t cut it. By setting aside the pale pink icing for a minute or two, I’ve come up with a sports themed valentine set for those athletic kiddos and the sweet sayings to match!

Sports Valentine Collage

Here is a quick rundown on how to make these football and baseball valentine cookies, if you’d like to create some for your little sport!

For the football valentine, I started with a large, 4 inch heart cookie. Using a football cutter as a guide, I traced its shape onto my cookie at two different angles.


Next pipe over the marked lines with a thick, brown icing. Flood the footballs with a looser consistency of brown, waiting a bit between the two, so the icing will stay segmented.

IMG_0500 IMG_0502

Once the icing has dried, add stitching details. Make a line down the center in white and pipe little hearts. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, only one heart in red or the lot of them, so I made cookies using each technique.


Football valentine cookies…touchdown!

football valentine cookies-You're a Catch, Valentine!-by melissa joy cookies

The other football themed valentine cookie was made with the same large, heart shape. I don’t have a breakdown of photos showing how I created them (my bad), but they are pretty self-explanatory.

Start with a green base coat and let set. Outline the heart using the same green icing.  Pipe your “plays”, making sure to add “XOXO” and hearts in the correct positions. Next draw directional arrows with an edible marker. I used the FooDoodler brand for these because they have a nice fine tip.

Football Valentine by Melissa Joy CookiesFootball Valentine by Melissa Joy Cookies

Another football valentine cookie…score!

Football Valentine Cookie-I'm making a play for you, Valentine!-By Melissa Joy Cookies

And finally, a baseball valentine cookie. I’ve been saving this idea since last year and it couldn’t be easier!

Ice a round cookie in white. Once it is fully dry, make curved lines using a red FooDoodler. The lines will act as a guide for the heart shaped stitching. Remember that a stiffer icing for details will hold its shape better, especially for these tiny hearts.

Baseball Valentine Cookie How To

Baseball valentine cookies…home run!

Baseball Valentine Cookies-You're an All-Star, Valentine!-by Melissa Joy Cookies

My plan now is to have my dear, sweet husband create printable bag toppers to go with these sporty valentine cookies, which will make them perfect for classroom treats. Let’s talk him into that so I can share with you here, shall we? 😉

Valentine cookies for the sports lover…it’s definitely a WIN!

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Proclaim Your Love with Cookie Prose!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I love to come up with cookie games. It all started with these Valentine domino cookies, which led to several cookie tic-tac-toe sets in various themes (find them all using the search on my “about” page). Oh, I haven’t abandoned the joy of my tic-tac-toes, but I wanted to come up with something different this Valentine’s Day. It’s such fun to give cookies that require a bit of play!

Cookie Tiles for Valentine's Day by Melissa Joy

This year I created cookie word tiles for my little Valentines so they could make cookie poetry…and then eat them, of course.

Cookie Poetry for Valentine's Day by Melissa Joy Cookies

The process isn’t too difficult. I started with my new favorite cookie cutter by Truly Madly Plastics, measuring 1.5 inches x 5 inches, and divided up my dough using another straight edged cutter to make 24 mini rectangles and squares.


Once the cookies are baked, ice the shapes with colors of your choice. I went a little non-traditional for Valentine’s Day by making a few light green and blue. After the base sets up, pipe words of love and admiration that will eventually make sentences. This could be done even easier by using food safe markers on the dried cookies, but I love to get out Mabel the KopyKake and practice my piping.

IMG_0381 word tiles

To dress up each cookie, I decided to add a small heart sprinkle to each tile. Just adhere them with a dot of RI.

tile cookies with sprinkles

These are the words I chose to put on my cookies. You can easily personalize them to your liking!

Cookie Poetry Tiles for Valentine's Day by Melissa Joy

After all are complete, share your treats and start drafting your Cookie Poetry! I had more fun creating sentences of love for my lovelies, than they did. That is usually the case. Mom=Big Kid.


May your Valentine’s Day be full of love, joy, and as always, lots of sweets! ❤

Valentine's Day Cookie Tiles by Melissa Joy

Figgy Pudding Cookies

I have never eaten figgy pudding, nor do I exactly know what it is. I know the Muppets sang about it. Does that count?

figgy pudding cookies by melissa joy

All I know is that I wanted to make a cookie version when I came across some darling felt figgy pudding ornaments on Pinterest. To clarify, these are cookies that look like figgy pudding, not taste like it. They are soft gingerbread. Mmmmm, gingerbread….does figgy pudding taste like gingerbread?

figgy pudding gingerbread by melissa joy

It’s a simple design that started with a skull cutter, which a cookie friend insisted I own. Why own this cutter? Because it’s so darn versatile! It can make figgy pudding cookies! Who knew! Well, she probably knew…she’s amazing like that.


First outline and flood the icing portion of the pudding.


I didn’t know which I’d like better; a sanding sugar version or a non-sugared version, so I did both. You should add the sanding sugar while the icing is still wet, if you go that route.


After that sets up, add brown “pudding” and leaves or holly greens to the top. My first idea was to create berries with icing and sugar, as shown…


But then I realized I could make things even easier by using red M&M’s. I used minis here because I had them in the pantry. Adhere them with icing and you’ve got instant decoration. Gumdrops would also be an excellent choice for berries because of their sparkle, and who wouldn’t love a little sparkle with their Christmas pudding! I finished up the detailing with my trusty FooDoodlers.

Figgy Pudding Cookie How-To by Melissa Joy

Now, how easy is that?!

figgy christmas pudding cookies by melissa joy

Do you partake in figgy pudding? Or Christmas pudding? Are they the same thing? Man, I better do my baking homework…right after I eat a few these.

Christmas Tree Farm Cookies

As soon as I spied these straws, I knew exactly what I would make with them. That was in August.


Their wood grain immediately had me thinking Christmas tree farm and the idea eventually became a classroom treat!

christmas tree farm sign cookie

First gather up your little trees, any design you please…

Christmas Tree Cookies by Melissa Joy

I used my wonderful FooDoodlers to help with the details of the sign and the Christmas tree faces. Edible markers make things easy peasy!

Christmas Tree Farm Cookie How-To

To assemble the tree trunks, cut the straws in half and put a squirt of icing on the back of each cookie. While the icing is wet, stick the straw into it. Dry them over night to make sure the trunks stay put.

Christmas Tree Farm Cookie How-To

Personalizing the trees with each student’s name would be a great alternative to a face, but you know I can’t stay away from a sweet little face…so faces it is!

Christmas Tree Farm Cookie by Melissa Joy

I can’t wait to share these with my son’s class! Thankfully, he’s still young enough to need classroom treats. 🙂

Christmas Tree Farm Cookies by Melissa Joy

Woodland Christmas Hedgehogs with Haniela’s

I’ve been immersed in a woodland winter wonderland of ideas just waiting to be created! The reason being that dear Hani, of Haniela’s, had asked me to be a part of a woodland Christmas collaboration, of which I enthusiastically said YES. The result on my end was this little holiday hedgehog, settling down for a long winter’s nap. Woodland Holiday Hedgehog by Melissa Joy Cookies

The origins of this gal came from the work of Naturalmente and the felt Winter Berry Hedgehog she crafted that I found on Pinterest (her Etsy shop has super adorable pieces!). I asked permission to cookie her hedgie and she sweetly agreed, then I sent the finished product to her in Hungary as token of my appreciation!

If you opt for an edible version of this holiday hedgehog, the steps are rather simple.

holiday hedgehog how-to

I had the perfect shaped cookie cutter for my hedgehog’s spines (you can find it here), but you could use a scalloped round or sunflower cutter just as well.

holiday hedgehog how-to by melissa joy

I love coarse sugar this season! It’s chunkier than sanding sugar, gives off a super sparkle and has a great crunch. I thought it gave a great textured look to the cookie base.

For the body, ice the oval first and let set a bit before doing the ears, so the stay segmented. I used CK black sugar pearls for the nose, but you could pipe it with royal icing as well. The pearls were one less color of icing to mix, which is always a win in my book!

holiday hedgie how-to by melissa joy cookies

I made sleepy eyes with my food writer and used icing for the feet and holly berries. Once the feet set up, you can add a small toe detail. After the two cookies dry, adhere them together with a squirt of icing.

Woodland Hedgehog Cookie by Melissa Joy

And with that, your holiday hedgehog is ready!

woodgrain cookies wafer paper snowflakes

While the hedgie is the main event, the background I put them on deserves a bit of mentioning. The long, rectangle cookies were iced with a woodgrain pattern using a wet-on-wet technique. The fun part came by embellishing them with wafer paper snowflakes that I sprayed with food color mist and cut out with a paper punch. A fabulous tutorial by my friend Yankee Girl Yummies about working with wafer paper can be read here. She’s a wealth of information and talent!

IMG_9555 IMG_9557

I adhered the snowflakes with a touch of corn syrup and my food-only paintbrush. The end of the brush helped to tack down the edges with a gentle tapping.

Woodgrain cookies and snowflake wafer paper

The result was a festive bed for my winter woodland hedgehog!

Woodland Christmas Hedgehog Cookies by Melissa Joy

If you love a woodland Christmas theme as much as I do, make sure you check out my co-collaborator Hani and her Christmas owls. Aren’t they great?! She’s done a video tutorial on them as well, which makes it even easier to learn how to create them!

Christmas Owl by Haniela's

What a festive way to celebrate the winter holiday!

Woodland Christmas with Haniela's and Melissa Joy

Woodland Christmas Log Cookies

When you’re a baker, holiday cookie designs begin long before it’s appropriate to even think about Christmas. You can ask just about any of us crazies, and we will admit to it. We also have a hard time keeping them under wraps until after Thanksgiving, and a few ideas may sneak out before then, but we can’t help it. We are too excited!

woodland tree log cookies by melissa joy
For Christmas inspiration, I’ve had an ongoing holiday Pinterest board and these wood log cookies were my first to create from it. It seems like I am not the only one to jump on the woodland theme this year, and for sure, I will not be the last. I love to see everyone’s interpretations! Wood Log Cookie by Melissa Joy Cookies
Here’s my little how-to on creating a bit of woodland cookie love for your holiday table. I started with this gingerbread recipe from Sweetopia, but altered the spices a bit. The recipe is fantastic and delicious! I highly recommend it if you like a soft crumb, and the dark brown cookie makes a great base for icing, in my opinion.

woodland log how-to by melissa joy

I didn’t have the exact shape I wanted for this design, so for several cookies I had to “cut and paste” the dough together to make a leaf addition to the side. Once the decoration is on, you’ll never tell! I used coarse sugar on the edges, instead of sanding sugar, to convey a more bark like quality. It also has a great crunch! Let these steps set up for a bit before moving on to the next.

woodland log slice how-to by melissa joy

Those swirls are super easy to do. I started in the center and worked my way out, stopping and starting the flow of icing as I went to create a woodgrain look. It doesn’t have to be perfect because a rustic feel works with these! You could try this technique wet on wet, but I liked the texture of this method better.

woodland log cookie how-to by melissa joy

I wanted to make these wood log cookies have a Christmas feel, so I added a tiny holly decoration. And a mushroom to a few. They were too darn cute not to be added. 🙂

woodland log cookies by melissa joy

I’m not sure these log cookies say “Christmas” enough, but maybe with a few snowflake or tree cookies along side them, they could work as a great holiday platter.  Or maybe a few woodland critters in winter weather gear? If I get around to something like that, I will be sure to share it here. Or if you do, let me know…I’d love to see what you create!

woodland christmas log cookies by melissa joy

Let the holiday baking commence!


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