Woodland Christmas Hedgehogs with Haniela’s

I’ve been immersed in a woodland winter wonderland of ideas just waiting to be created! The reason being that dear Hani, of Haniela’s, had asked me to be a part of a woodland Christmas collaboration, of which I enthusiastically said YES. The result on my end was this little holiday hedgehog, settling down for a long winter’s nap. Woodland Holiday Hedgehog by Melissa Joy Cookies

The origins of this gal came from the work of Naturalmente and the felt Winter Berry Hedgehog she crafted that I found on Pinterest (her Etsy shop has super adorable pieces!). I asked permission to cookie her hedgie and she sweetly agreed, then I sent the finished product to her in Hungary as token of my appreciation!

If you opt for an edible version of this holiday hedgehog, the steps are rather simple.

holiday hedgehog how-to

I had the perfect shaped cookie cutter for my hedgehog’s spines (you can find it here), but you could use a scalloped round or sunflower cutter just as well.

holiday hedgehog how-to by melissa joy

I love coarse sugar this season! It’s chunkier than sanding sugar, gives off a super sparkle and has a great crunch. I thought it gave a great textured look to the cookie base.

For the body, ice the oval first and let set a bit before doing the ears, so the stay segmented. I used CK black sugar pearls for the nose, but you could pipe it with royal icing as well. The pearls were one less color of icing to mix, which is always a win in my book!

holiday hedgie how-to by melissa joy cookies

I made sleepy eyes with my food writer and used icing for the feet and holly berries. Once the feet set up, you can add a small toe detail. After the two cookies dry, adhere them together with a squirt of icing.

Woodland Hedgehog Cookie by Melissa Joy

And with that, your holiday hedgehog is ready!

woodgrain cookies wafer paper snowflakes

While the hedgie is the main event, the background I put them on deserves a bit of mentioning. The long, rectangle cookies were iced with a woodgrain pattern using a wet-on-wet technique. The fun part came by embellishing them with wafer paper snowflakes that I sprayed with food color mist and cut out with a paper punch. A fabulous tutorial by my friend Yankee Girl Yummies about working with wafer paper can be read here. She’s a wealth of information and talent!

IMG_9555 IMG_9557

I adhered the snowflakes with a touch of corn syrup and my food-only paintbrush. The end of the brush helped to tack down the edges with a gentle tapping.

Woodgrain cookies and snowflake wafer paper

The result was a festive bed for my winter woodland hedgehog!

Woodland Christmas Hedgehog Cookies by Melissa Joy

If you love a woodland Christmas theme as much as I do, make sure you check out my co-collaborator Hani and her Christmas owls. Aren’t they great?! She’s done a video tutorial on them as well, which makes it even easier to learn how to create them!

Christmas Owl by Haniela's

What a festive way to celebrate the winter holiday!

Woodland Christmas with Haniela's and Melissa Joy

10 thoughts on “Woodland Christmas Hedgehogs with Haniela’s

  1. Thank you so much for doing this fun woodland collab with me. I love hedgehogs and you really captured them so well, totally adorable. I also love snowflakes, I really should look more into wafer paper, they are so pretty Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

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