{Currently not taking cookie orders, but feel free to browse the website!}

Melissa Joy is dedicated to creating elaborately decorated sugar cookies from scratch using only high quality ingredients, including organic butter and eggs.

Pricing ranges from $15-$60 per dozen, depending on size and amount of detail. Shipping rates, per box, are from $13-$17. Full payment is required to confirm your order. Minimum order of $50 may apply, depending on availability.

Looking to order custom cookies, or have more questions? I’d be happy to help!

Contact me at melissajoycookies@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form below.



I just want to bake. All the time. I love it way more than cooking. If I could feed my family only baked goods and get away with it, I probably would. Muffins, cakes, pies, quick breads, scones, cookies…these would be our food groups. To me, there is nothing better than the beauty of creamed butter and sugar, flour on my hands and the smell of yeast, all enjoyed while wearing antique aprons.

So you see, Melissa Joy easily supports my addiction and hopefully brings some smiles along the way.

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28 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your blog and am blown away by your artistic creativity!! I also love to bake but have absolutely no art talent. Can I ask where your find your cookie cutters? I would love to try making some of the Christmas cookies, but am done with this years baking, so it will give me a year to practice!! Keep up the good work because I have signed up for your newsletter!!

    • So happy to have you here, Janet! I pick up cookie cutters whenever I find something I like, or that I think I might “need” in the future. 😉 You can find them anywhere, so keep your eyes open! If it is something specific your looking for, I would just search the net. I had two great stores that carried a TON of cookie cutters, but sadly we moved and now I’m out of luck…unless I go back to visit! Hope you enjoy the blog and I will do my best to help you out. Cookie decorating is so fun!

  2. Missy……just received my Oder of Silly Shamrocks for St. Paddy’s…and I was blown away…they are just soooooo adorable!,,,,Last year’s special order for Mahj Jong Tile Cookies were such a hit…I had to get theses for our March Mahj Jong?..I only hope North doesn’t freeze hers again like last year! She couldn’t bring herself to eat her last one….so there it sits….a keepsake!,,,,

    Thanks again! I can’t wait to sample them….and if anyone hasn’t eaten one of Missy’s cookies….they even taste better than they look! And that’s saying a mouthful!,,,,

  3. We celebrated our grandson’s first birthday with a lemonade theme. I copied your June 2013 Lemonade Jar cookies. I added lemon flavor to the frosting and they were a huge hit. Thank you for the adorable idea and keep up the amazing decorating.

  4. i am just wondering what kind of cookie icing you are using. i use the quick icing from wilton, but sometimes they are shiny and other times they are not, i don’t know if i am not putting enough lt corn syrup in the reciepe or to much. maybe you can help.

  5. Hi, my sons are huge Club Penguin fans and I really want to make these for my 6 year old ‘ birthday. Could you please tell me how you/what you mixed and colored? I have NEVER attempted to do something like this before. (The things you’ll do for your kids.. :))

    Very grateful for any help,

  6. Hi I’m a nurse getting married in October. Just enquiring about nurse and truck themed cookies as favours

  7. Hi Melissa. Would you be willing to share your cookie recipe or give me a “hint” as to how to keep them from spreading? Also, do you use cream of tartar in your icing? I live in hot, sunny S FL so its SOOOOO HOT. I can’t seem to get a good consistency. TIA


    • Hi Kim! I think the spreading issue just depends on what ingredients are in your dough. Mine does spread a bit, but I don’t mind that. I think LilaLoa has “no spread” recipes, as does Sweet Sugarbelle, and you can find those on their websites! My icing recipe closely resembles the one here: http://sweetopia.net/2012/01/royal-icing-recipe-free-illustrated-recipe/ . There is cream of tartar in my meringue powder already, but I do sometimes add it to the icing, but more for flavor reasons. If it’s humid (and it is often in Wisconsin!), icing is an extra challenge! I use a thicker icing for everything, have the AC on, use a small fan to dry the cookies better…just a few things to help a bit! Good luck!

  8. Hi! I love your beautiful cookies! I was wondering, what type of tool do you use to get the incredibly fine detail (such as the stitching on the baseball cookies)? No matter what I do, my icing always seems to spread and my details get all blurry! :/ Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    • Sounds like your icing might be too runny? Try a thicker consistency and see if that helps! I use a 1.5 PME tip for finer detail work (depending on what it is) and a scribe tool to move icing around, pop air bubbles, etc….hope that helps!

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