4 thoughts on “Graduation Cookies

  1. I would like to order graduation cookies. I would like them personalized. I was looking at the graduation cap cookie. The school colors are purple with a yellow tassel. It would say Congrats Mitch. I need them a day before December 16, 2017. Let me know what I need to do? This is my first time ordering with you. How much are the cookies? I would need 46 of them. Thank you! Lynn.

  2. Hi Melissa … I have a couple of questions:
    1. Are you still doing large orders in light of COVID-19?
    2. Can you do a mix if graduation and badger/UW cookies … around 200 total?
    3. Can I get a quote before I order?
    4. Can you ship this large amount … party is scheduled for July 26th … it may be less OR everyone will just get 2 or 3 cookies:)

    Thanks … and I hope you’re well

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