Christmas Tree Farm Cookies

As soon as I spied these straws, I knew exactly what I would make with them. That was in August.


Their wood grain immediately had me thinking Christmas tree farm and the idea eventually became a classroom treat!

christmas tree farm sign cookie

First gather up your little trees, any design you please…

Christmas Tree Cookies by Melissa Joy

I used my wonderful FooDoodlers to help with the details of the sign and the Christmas tree faces. Edible markers make things easy peasy!

Christmas Tree Farm Cookie How-To

To assemble the tree trunks, cut the straws in half and put a squirt of icing on the back of each cookie. While the icing is wet, stick the straw into it. Dry them over night to make sure the trunks stay put.

Christmas Tree Farm Cookie How-To

Personalizing the trees with each student’s name would be a great alternative to a face, but you know I can’t stay away from a sweet little face…so faces it is!

Christmas Tree Farm Cookie by Melissa Joy

I can’t wait to share these with my son’s class! Thankfully, he’s still young enough to need classroom treats. 🙂

Christmas Tree Farm Cookies by Melissa Joy

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