Figgy Pudding Cookies

I have never eaten figgy pudding, nor do I exactly know what it is. I know the Muppets sang about it. Does that count?

figgy pudding cookies by melissa joy

All I know is that I wanted to make a cookie version when I came across some darling felt figgy pudding ornaments on Pinterest. To clarify, these are cookies that look like figgy pudding, not taste like it. They are soft gingerbread. Mmmmm, gingerbread….does figgy pudding taste like gingerbread?

figgy pudding gingerbread by melissa joy

It’s a simple design that started with a skull cutter, which a cookie friend insisted I own. Why own this cutter? Because it’s so darn versatile! It can make figgy pudding cookies! Who knew! Well, she probably knew…she’s amazing like that.


First outline and flood the icing portion of the pudding.


I didn’t know which I’d like better; a sanding sugar version or a non-sugared version, so I did both. You should add the sanding sugar while the icing is still wet, if you go that route.


After that sets up, add brown “pudding” and leaves or holly greens to the top. My first idea was to create berries with icing and sugar, as shown…


But then I realized I could make things even easier by using red M&M’s. I used minis here because I had them in the pantry. Adhere them with icing and you’ve got instant decoration. Gumdrops would also be an excellent choice for berries because of their sparkle, and who wouldn’t love a little sparkle with their Christmas pudding! I finished up the detailing with my trusty FooDoodlers.

Figgy Pudding Cookie How-To by Melissa Joy

Now, how easy is that?!

figgy christmas pudding cookies by melissa joy

Do you partake in figgy pudding? Or Christmas pudding? Are they the same thing? Man, I better do my baking homework…right after I eat a few these.

8 thoughts on “Figgy Pudding Cookies

  1. Hello….first your cookies are just BEAUTIFUL…..Checking out your site and came across these…..I live in MD originally from England, moved here 17 years ago. Started making cookies for people last February so still new and always finding new ideas and getting inspired by so many wonderful cookiers. Now I have found you:) Sounds weird, sorry. Anyway…..yes we have Christmas Pudding every Christmas, I don’t like it but have to make one or three. They have dried fruit in them, egg, flour, stout, brandy, rum etc. Soak all that over night, add more ingredients the next day, steam for 5-7 hours depending on size. You can make these 6 weeks before Christmas, the smell certainly reminds me of Christmas. On the day, heat through for 1-3 hours, tip out pour a good Brandy over the pudding and light, magical. Blow out and eat with custard or cream. We use to put a 5 pence piece in them for luck. This pudding cookie is so so pretty. Happy New Year Claire (Miss Daisy Treats fb)

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