Proclaim Your Love with Cookie Prose!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I love to come up with cookie games. It all started with these Valentine domino cookies, which led to several cookie tic-tac-toe sets in various themes (find them all using the search on my “about” page). Oh, I haven’t abandoned the joy of my tic-tac-toes, but I wanted to come up with something different this Valentine’s Day. It’s such fun to give cookies that require a bit of play!

Cookie Tiles for Valentine's Day by Melissa Joy

This year I created cookie word tiles for my little Valentines so they could make cookie poetry…and then eat them, of course.

Cookie Poetry for Valentine's Day by Melissa Joy Cookies

The process isn’t too difficult. I started with my new favorite cookie cutter by Truly Madly Plastics, measuring 1.5 inches x 5 inches, and divided up my dough using another straight edged cutter to make 24 mini rectangles and squares.


Once the cookies are baked, ice the shapes with colors of your choice. I went a little non-traditional for Valentine’s Day by making a few light green and blue. After the base sets up, pipe words of love and admiration that will eventually make sentences. This could be done even easier by using food safe markers on the dried cookies, but I love to get out Mabel the KopyKake and practice my piping.

IMG_0381 word tiles

To dress up each cookie, I decided to add a small heart sprinkle to each tile. Just adhere them with a dot of RI.

tile cookies with sprinkles

These are the words I chose to put on my cookies. You can easily personalize them to your liking!

Cookie Poetry Tiles for Valentine's Day by Melissa Joy

After all are complete, share your treats and start drafting your Cookie Poetry! I had more fun creating sentences of love for my lovelies, than they did. That is usually the case. Mom=Big Kid.


May your Valentine’s Day be full of love, joy, and as always, lots of sweets! ❤

Valentine's Day Cookie Tiles by Melissa Joy

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