Simple Stackable Flower Cookies

plaques with dots by melissa joy cookiesAs much as I torture pride myself with the rigors of particular cookie concepts, sometimes it’s the simplest of cookies that I like best. Straight forward. Easy-ish to frost. Forgiving of air pockets and color bleeding. Modestly sweet with a nice impact. This is the way cookie decorating should be!

my favorite daisy cookies by melissa joy

Daisies are always at the top of my list when allowed. This teeny flower cookie cutter is one of my faves to use.

cookie add up by melissa joy

When you have a LOT of cookies to make at one sitting, for me, this is the way to go.


Granted, stacking one cookie on top of another may be a bit big to bite into, but maybe you just rip it apart like an Oreo. I can’t deny I love the way the 3D looks.

easy daisy cookies by melissa joy

Adding a little shimmer doesn’t hurt either. The luster is there, it just doesn’t want to show itself on pictures. Maybe if you squint reeeeeeealy hard, you can see it…

quoteEasy cookies. Short post. ‘Nuff said.

14 thoughts on “Simple Stackable Flower Cookies

  1. Those are beautiful, and they look really delicious!!! 😉 Seriously, I love them, orange is my favorite color, I like the sugar centers, and I like the photos too, especially the stacked platter shot. Perfect for a party display!

  2. I love daisies! They are one of my favorite flowers (next to daffodils…have you done daffodils yet? Maybe next spring…) and the fact that you captured them to beautifully makes me smile! Beautiful work! And, in response to your comment on my blog, it would rock if we were neighbors, however, I don’t think our artsy selves would accomplish anything but looking at delightful color combos and scouring the internet for inspiration! Lol! 🙂

  3. This is just great. Really special-looking cookie with simple techniques – I am totally doing this next cookie project

    • Hi Mary Ann! It is a Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe, but I replace a 1/2 C. granular sugar for 1/2 C. brown sugar. It keeps the cookie softer longer, I think. Any roll out recipe would work though!

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