No KopyKake? No Problem.

Piping letters on cookies scares the heck out of me. I avoid doing it, if I can, but sometimes it must be done.

I suppose the more I attempt frosting words, the better I get. Practice makes perfect-ish! But really, I think all of my lettering looks the same, so once and a while it’s nice to do a different font. That is when I grab my stamps, cheater style.

Easy Monogram Cookies by Melissa JoyI was asked to make baptism cookies last month, some frosted with the letter “E”. Lo and behold, the clearance section held the perfect script to do so! Here’s how I did it, in case you’d like to give it a go.

Monogram how to by Melissa JoyI frosted the base of the cookies and let them dry over night. The next day, I colored the rubber stamp with my trusty food writer. I chose yellow, thinking it would be the least conspicuous to frost over.

IMG_3635Lining up it up to the best of my caffeine buzzed ability that AM, I stamped away to the 2 dozen lovelies in front of me.

IMG_3637So you should know that not all of them came out perfectly. I pushed a little too hard on this blue one and the frosting stuck to the stamp, while the pink one shows it wasn’t quite level. No worries. Just wing it in the next step to cover up those boo-boos!

IMG_3638Simply follow your markings to frost over the stamped part.

Baptism Cross Cookies with Monogram by Melissa JoyAdd a few embellishments, and TA DA!  Pretty monogram cookies with not a lot of fuss.

Keep your eyes peeled in the stamp isle. You never know what you’ll find there to use on a cookie, of all places.

14 thoughts on “No KopyKake? No Problem.

  1. This is such a great idea, especially because you don’t have to haul out the KK! I should be on the look out for some single letter script stamps! Where did you happen to find the E stamp you used? Great baptism set BTW!!

    • This is really interesting and had not heard that before about the stamps. I think it is totally ridiculous, but understand there would be some concern that rubber stamps are not “legally” food safe. Guess I don’t trust the legality of things too much, with all the chemicals they spray on our fruits and veggies they deem as “safe” for us to consume! That said, I would LOVE for someone to come up with natural food dyes for my frosting. Seems a shame to use organic ingredients in the cookies and then add the dyes to the frosting. I just tell myself that at least it’s just a tiny bit! Thanks for commenting, Angie!

      ps. I love that the link mentions Carol Duval. She is my mother-in-law’s half sister and she is the loveliest person! 🙂

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