It gets better, Charlie Brown.

The kids and I watched “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” last night. I felt so bad for old Charles and his empty mailbox. I always have. I guess you could say there was a time when I could relate.


Good grief.

This is me sophomore year. No, I was not the substitue teacher for chemisty. I was a 15 year old student who sucked at chemistry. I wasn’t much of a fan of the holiday back then. I think only the popular girls with boyfriends did. It was so much better in grade school when everybody got Valentines.

Thank goodness time marches on and we grow out of certain phases. Or grow into those glasses? (NOT possible)

I can’t get enough of the holiday now, with all its pink and sugar and paper hearts. I hope your mailbox is full this year, Charlie Brown. Here’s my Valentine love to you!

Be My Valentine

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