A Whole Lotta Flirt

One of the greatest things about making Valentine cookies is my free for all with the color pink. I have a house of boys, so the shade is usually left for me alone. Well, me and one very cherished stuffed pig, who is the favorite of my youngest. Here’s a group of my February romance with all cookies PINK!valentine mushroomsdouble hearts love birdslove bugs love treechocolate square lovechocolate cupcake silly hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day to you from our beloved Pig and Melissa Joy!IMG_0345

4 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Flirt

  1. Piiiiiigggggggg! And cute valentines! And of course awesome Melissa Joy Cookies. Can’t wait to hand mine out on Valentine’s Day and hear the “oh they’re so cute!” comments. Love you Cookie Queen.

  2. How cute are your cookies. I’ll have to be satisfied with just looking at valentines treats this year, I have simply run out of time to do any baking 😦

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