100 Days Of (a new) School!

This is a pretty momentous occasion for our household. In the past not so much, but this year it’s a bit more noteworthy.

This Friday will be the 100th Day of School for my boys, and being the new kids, that is something to give a little cheer about! It hasn’t been the easiest road, but it has gotten a bit smoother. I feel we are finally finding our way out of the fog of newness and settling into a familiar routine that is much less anxious than when we started. And that is something to celebrate.

100 Days Of School

So kudos to you, my little boys! You have done an excellent job and I know you will continue to do so for hundreds more! xoxo


10 thoughts on “100 Days Of (a new) School!

  1. Happy 100! So proud of you for making it through the big change with flying colors. Many more happy, new days of learning ahead!
    Love you all, Grammy

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