Jelly Bean Jar Cookies

How can Easter be less than two weeks away and I’ve only made ONE new-to-me cookie design for it?! Yikes. Life has been busy.

Jelly Bean Jar Cookie by Melissa Joy

I made these for my monthly blog stint on the website Bake It Up a Notch. I am assuming you have a few jelly beans in your cupboard right now and perhaps dough in the fridge, in which case you should be able to squeeze in time to make these jelly bean jar cookies. It’s a simple design without a lot of steps. This is always a bonus when it’s a race against the calendar. The hardest part will be not eating all the jelly beans before they get on to the cookie.

jelly bean cookies by melissa joy

And speaking of jelly beans, here is a tiny tutorial on how I made them in cookie form:

Tiny Tutorial Jelly Bean Mini Cookies by Melissa Joy

Like I mention on the blog, minis are a great accent cookie to the big guys. For the complete tutorial, check out my post on Bake It Up a Notch by clicking here: Jelly Bean Jar Cookies.

Jelly Bean Jar Cookies by Melissa Joy

I’m hoping to get in at least a few egg and bunny cookies yet, but if not, I will be more than satisfied just sharing these. Happy Spring!

5 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Jar Cookies

  1. Love the side “squish” tip, and how you mixed sanding sugar with the smoothed variety! I’m sure they are just like Pringles… once you pop one in your mouth, you just can’t stop. 🙂

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