Root Beer Float Cookies

Last week our school celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with treating the staff to something special in their break room. I volunteered to bring cookies for Root Beer Float day because I was dying to try out this idea…

Root Beer Float by Melissa Joy Cookies

The staff has received a healthy dose of my creations the past two years and I worry they will grow tired of “that cookie lady”. It seems I’m continually carrying a blue bakery box into school. I tell the teachers they are my Melissa Joy quality control for new designs. They must not mind too much yet because the cookies, regardless of style, seem to disappear rather quickly. These root beer float cookies were no exception. Here’s a brief low down on how it all got done…

Root Beer Floats for Teacher Appreciation by Melissa Joy

I had asked Jill of Custom Cookies by Jill where she had gotten her mug cutter and she sent it to me to borrow. Mind you, I have never met her, only admired and commented on her amazing work via the net. How awesome are cookie people?! Completely awesome! I was doubly thrilled I didn’t have to frankenstein the dough together to get a similar mug shape. Sixty cookies would be a LOT to do that way and I would end up very crabby.

root beer float mug how-to

I first started the cookies like this, with separate brown segments on the mug. I do like this version, but realized with letting the icing set between sections, it would take longer and I was short on time. I decided to do the rest in one solid section, vowing to use an food marker for details later, and that version looks like this.

root beer float cookie how-to

Regardless the way you choose, the next few steps remain the same.

paper straws for root beer cookies

Can I just say, I LOVE paper straws. The excuse to use them with a cookie is always a bonus. I cut the ones I purchased into 4 equal lengths.

root beer float cookie how-to

With a squirt of ivory icing, adhere the straw onto the cookie.

root beer float cookie how-to

With that same ivory icing, fill in your “ice cream”, leaving it sort of bumpy.

root beer float cookie how-to

Immediately add a sour cherry ball. Oh my, they are like the red jelly beans with a twist and may be a new favorite candy of mine. They also make the cutest cherry on top!

root beer float cookie how-to

Once the ice cream part sets up, it’s time to add the “froth”. With the ivory icing, go squiggly along the edge of the mug and ice cream. Add sanding sugar for sparkle and contrast.

Root Beer Float Cookie how-to

Let the whole cookie sit overnight if you make the drawn mug version. I used a brown FooDoodler to make the lines on mine. They are the best at making detailing a breeze.

Cherry Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

Because I had to create around 100 cookies for the staff, I decided to balance out the floats with a simple cherry cookie. These were made using a raindrop cutter and could not have been easier to add to the set!

Root Beer Float Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

Cookies completed and teachers appreciated! I am not ashamed to say that I love the way these root beer float cookies turned out. I am itching to make them again and thinking that a family picnic or a neighborhood BBQ would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Summertime is fast approaching and with these cookies, I’ll be ready!


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28 thoughts on “Root Beer Float Cookies

  1. These turned out perfectly! Now you are going to have to get one of those cutters for yourself though. Shopping opportunity!

  2. Absolutely perfect and oh so cute! I love the mix of the two and the color combo. You are amazing! 🙂

    • I am almost embarrassed to tell you where I found them…at a farm/hardware store! They have bags of random candy, without a stitch of natural ingredients in ’em. I just knew I’d find what I was looking for there. 🙂

  3. Holy cow! These are SO cute!! I absolutely love all the extra bits of love (sour ball, sparkling sugar, you name it)! I’ve been crazy busy and only got to see these now, but you’re kicking it up a notch girl! :0

  4. So cute! What a fantastic idea! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

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