I scream, you scream, for Valentine Ice Cream!!!

A mom/son date night with my 11 year old will most likely involve ice cream. Never mind the temperature outside is in the negative digits. If there is a big bowl of frozen goodness with all you can eat toppings out there, he’s in!Valentine ice cream cone cookie by melissa joy

Maybe next time I can talk him into a warm movie theater and these ice cream cookies? Hey, they’ve got two scoops!Valentine Ice Cream Cone Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

Here’s a quick how to for a little ice cream love, using an ice cream cone cookie cutter and a couple hearts, starting with the dough like this:


Then do some cutting and pasting to put them together, like so:IMG_6190IMG_6194  IMG_6195IMG_6200

Once baked, they are ready to frost! I decorated them in this order: Middle scoop first with sprinkles…IMG_6217

After that’s dried a bit, add top scoop and base of the cone…IMG_6225

While the top scoop is still wet you can add a candy heart garnish. IMG_6228

I bought these large heart sprinkles, but you can always make your own with royal icing. I pipe mine using a #2 or #3 tip on a piece of wax paper, letting them dry overnight on a cooling rack. Works like a charm and it’s a great way to use up left over icing!


Finish up with details to the cone and an ice cream scoop drip.IMG_6252

Of course I had to add extra sweetness with a few smiles…Valentine Ice Cream Cookies by Melissa Joy

These could be either one scoop or two, but who wouldn’t want a bit more love?Valentine Ice Cream Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

I don’t think ice cream is quite as satisfying in the middle of winter as it is at the height of summer, but spending time with my boy is what our date night is all about anyway. I at least make sure to heat up the car a bit first before we go.

Valentine Ice Cream Cookies from Melissa Joy Cookies

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