Poinsettia Wreath Cookies

You guys, it’s been SO LONG since I’ve had the chance to blog, I almost forgot how to post tutorials on here! I’ve been more focused on the selling side of Melissa Joy these days, so the “how-to cookie” stuff tends to fall by the wayside. I’ve added a gallery of my work to the menu bar, organized by category, for those more interested in what I’ve created recently. That is still a work in progress. I’m better at baking than I am at this web junk, but I’ll get there!


For today, I’ve created a tiny tutorial on how to make my pretty poinsettia wreath cookies! Hallelujah! And if you’re a cookie decorator, brief and to the point during the month of December is a good thing. This tutorial is also for my own reference, because next year I’ll need a refresher on how to create them again for sure. #midlifebrain

Here is a picture diary on making Christmas poinsettia wreath cookies! Starting with a favorite cookie recipe and ivory colored royal icing…


I used that round cookie cutter as a guide to draw the circles. I’m ornery like that.


I used a #2 tip to create the poinsettias. Start with the tip at the center of the flower and drag it out. I have some fabulous, sparkly gold sprinkles I got from CookieCon for the middles, but yellow nonpareils would be great too.



And done! These do take some time and patience to produce (as most decorated cookies do, right?!), but I love them so much. Definitely one of my faves this season!


Merry holidays to you, my friends. I hope I get back here to share another tiny tutorial with you before next Christmas. 😉 Until then, happy baking…or more importantly, happy cookie EATING!

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