Easter Egg Cookie & Jelly Bean Tic-Tac-Toe!

I have made many cookie tic-tac-toe sets. They consist of a giant cookie “board” and LOTS of cookie minis of various designs, but these guys…so much easier! Just one large egg cookie with a side of jelly beans, and you’ve got yourself a sweet treat of fun for the Easter baskets!

egg cookie tic tac toe

A brief low-down on how I created them starts here…


I began with a flooded, 4 inch egg shaped cookie. Once the icing is fully dried (these set up over night), I used a fan brush and white Americolor straight from the bottle to speckle it. One hand holds the brush several inches above the cookie, while the other hand taps the handle so the white splatters onto it. And splatters all over the table. And all over you. You’ll be a flocked mess, but I’m telling you, it’s so darn satisfying!

Next pipe a grid pattern on the egg cookie. Place the cookie in a bowl and pour sprinkles over it. Those nonpareils like to bounce, so a deep bowl is great for this step. Once you pipe the grid, work fast before the icing has a chance to set up or the sprinkles won’t stick!


I added a little bead border around the egg cookie to dress it up, but it’s not necessary.


Gather a handful of jelly beans and a willing opponent, because your Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe cookie is ready for playing!

easter egg cookie tic tac toe

I can’t wait to share these with all the little friends I know…

Easter Egg Cookie & Jelly Bean tic tac toe

Happy Spring, and have a wonderful Easter!

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