Shirt and Necktie Cookies for Father’s Day

Nothing like a little last minute idea for Father’s Day cookies! If it’s a bit too late to create your own, save these guys for next year (you can pin it here!)….or make a paper version. Cards like these would be just as cute, but not quite as delicious.

Father's Day Tie Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

This cookie concept came from another Father’s Day cookie design, these shirt and tie cookies, I made a while back. Because I still love them, I wanted to give ’em an update and get the kids involved. A bit of leftover dough this week was all I needed to make a nice set for good ol’ Dad.

Father's Day Shirt and Tie Cookies

For this new shirt and necktie cookie version, I used a small, 3 x 1 inch tie cutter and a large, 3 x 4.5 inch rectangle cutter. Once the cookies were baked and cooled, I flooded them with white royal icing and let them dry overnight.

shirt and ties-white

Depending on how many kids you’ve got and how into crafting they are, this next decorating step can take a total of about 5 minutes. Hand them bunch of food markers and let them color the tiny tie cookies to their heart’s content.

kiddies in action

They could draw details on the shirt as well, but they will probably want to get back to playing video games outside. It is summer break, after all…

Father's Day Shirt and Tie Cookie How-To by Melissa Joy

The number of shirt and ties you make is up to you. Arrange them as you see fit and they are ready for giving!

Father's Day Shirt & Tie Cookies by Melissa Joy

Have a relaxing Father’s Day, Daddies! May the only shirt and tie you have to see this Sunday, are the ones you can dunk in your coffee and eat. ❤

Tie Cookies for Father's Day

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