A Cookie Tree of Gratitude

Here’s a short post on a fun Thanksgiving treat for your family get-together next week, because who could turn down cookies, even if there is pie?

Gratitude Cookie Tree by Melissa Joy

I put a little twist on the Gratitude Wreath Cookie I made last year with my kids, and created this Gratitude Tree platter. It’s sort of like a family tree…the family shares their gratefulness on the cookies and then said family eats them. I came up with the idea from inspiration by CookieCrazie and her Autumn Tree set (which is amazing!), and that reminded me of the flowering tree platter I made last spring for Earth Day. See how the cookie ideas sort of influence one another and morph into something new? It’s hard to keep track of who originally came up with what, but in the end, it’s all really just deliciousness anyway.

accent leaves for gratitude tree cookies

For my tree, I kept it super simple. Easy sanding sugar leaves for an accent…

Gratitude Cookies by Family

to go with the smooth iced leaves, ready for messages of gratitude. Use a food writer and gather the gang around to pen their notes of thanks.

Gratitude Tree Platter

I added a tree trunk, and the extra cookies were practice for piping letters with my new KopyKake. I love that machine. I’ve named her Mabel, if you’d like to know. We will have a wonderful Christmas together, me and Mabel.

Gratitude Cookie Tree Platter by Melissa Joy

Build your platter like so, bask in the abundance of thanks, and share with those around you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving of gratitude!

8 thoughts on “A Cookie Tree of Gratitude

  1. I hope Mabel is able to assist you in many happy ways this holiday! 🙂 Love the tree! We do this with paper as well but yours is much tastier!

  2. I LOVE this lovely “thankful tree”!! It is gorgeous — right down to the script piping!! I splurged and bought myself a KopyKake — but I can’t figure out how to pipe and keep my hand out of the way!! How DO you do that??? I would love to improve my skills — and I love your wonderful ideas. (still dying to make some “tic tac toe” cookies! — that is how I found you — saw it on Cookie Connection! I am now a “fan” of yours! .. Marti

    • Awesome, Marti! You will love the KK! It took a little while to figure out how to pipe with it, but it shouldn’t take long. Once you get the right angle, it will be a snap! So great to have you here on my blog… welcome! 🙂

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