A few more Valentine sweet hearts…

The thing with heart shaped cookies is that the decorating possibilities are endless. It’s almost daunting to me sometimes.

chocolate heart cookies

An abundance of piping patterns. Any number of colors. A sea of sprinkles. What to do?!

scribble heart cookies by melissa joy

A lot of the time, a single color with sanding sugar is the most satisfying to me.

simple heart cookies by melissa joy cookies

I had a hankering for frosted animal crackers one day and a few naked cookies left, so I easily created this chocolate Valentine cookie version.

valentine heart cookies-animal cracker style by melissa joy

I started with a simple royal icing of a rather loose consistency and a variety of sprinkles.

frosting and sprinkles

With cookies on a drying rack over a sheet of wax paper, I drizzled the frosting on with a spoon.

animal cracker style valentine heart cookies

Once the frosting covered the cookie, I immediately sprinkled it with a few toppings.

valentine heart cookies-animal cracker style

As the cookies dry on the rack, you might want to push them around a bit so they will be easier to remove later. If not, no worries. The organic look is part of their charm!

Valentine Heart Cookies-animal cracker style by Melissa Joy

Package them up for your Valentine, and you’re good to go…super easy, super sweet, super delicious!

8 thoughts on “A few more Valentine sweet hearts…

  1. There are certain things I have no control over when they are in my home, frosted animal crackers are one of them! They look delicious! Any of your cookies are pretty magical though! 🙂 Well done! (And just for the record, monkey bread and puppy chow are the other things I can’t control!)

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