Santa Gnome Cookies

Santa Gnome Cookies by Melissa Joy

Coming off of the labor intensive gingerbread village I shared with you in my last post, these guys were a breeze to make! After some persuasion from a cookie friend {you know who you are}, here is a brief tutorial on how to create these rustic gnomes, all Santa-esque, in time for Christmas.

Santa Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

I first found a photo in holiday catalog similar to this design and made a quick sketch. Since it was influenced by an image, I didn’t have a cookie cutter exactly like it but knew I had some general shapes that would fit the bill.

how to by melissa joy cookies

I wanted a long, pointy hat and a fuller beard so I used these two and did a little cuttin’ and pastin’.

trim-how to by melissa joy cookies

how to by melissa joy cookies     how to by melissa joy cookies

Notice I sort of shaped the dough a little longer and smoother to get the look I had envisioned. It’s all good, because they bake together nicely.

Now let’s get to the icing! First the white beard with sanding sugar and then the red hat. I did leave a small space between the two on purpose. The colors would bleed if they touched when wet, so I choose to leave a space to shorten the wait time. You do have to allow the top and bottom dry a wee bit before you pipe the nose though…

how to by melissa joy cookieshow to by melissa joy cookieshow to by melissa joy cookies

It’s best to hold off until the next day to add the patterns to your hat with a food coloring marker. You could always pipe the details on, but I liked the ease and freedom of the Doodler. how to by melissa joy cookies

And that is how I made my Santa Gnomes!

Santa Gnome Cookie by Melissa Joy

I wanted a woodsy, folk art feeling with these cookies and I really loved the result. The patterns for my hats were inspired by my crazy talented brother-in-law who is an incredible artist. His drawings are made up of wonderful characters influenced by his surroundings in Maine. I cannot wait to brag him up once his Etsy shop is running. The kid is amazing!

Santa Gnomes Cookies by Melissa JoyAnother holiday post completed and a few more for you when I get the chance…wonder if I could do the 12 cookie blogs of Christmas?

17 thoughts on “Santa Gnome Cookies

  1. Making these this year! I may just have to handcut though….I just love them to pieces! And thank you for making the tutorial, and so quickly!!!

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  5. I see this was posted several years ago, but I am sending compliments anyway! I am 1/2 Norwegian and always on the lookout for super cute ideas for the holidays. Many thanks

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