My 2-D Gingerbread Attempt

Gingerbread Houses by Melissa Joy Cookies

Let’s start by saying these cookies were a total pain to make.

Gingerbread house #14 by Melissa Joy Cookies

I almost quit on several occasions. There were so. many. steps. and so. many. cookies. I had pondered eating the entire batch from the get go when a couple days frosting turned into several weeks desperately trying to finish them. I swear, I am sticking to easy cookies for the rest of the holiday season.

Gingerbread House #15 & #16 by Melissa Joy

These particular cookies started as a vision influenced by our Department 56 Christmas in the City village. It is a family favorite as far as the holiday decorations go. We jump the gun and start displaying it a few weeks before Thanksgiving and leave it up long past New Year’s Day. For the amount of time we spend setting it up {and spent on it}, why not enjoy it to the point of being not quite acceptable?

Gingerbread Houses #17 & #18 by Melissa Joy Cookies

The love for our village combined with this image I pinned, triggered my determination to create cookies like it. Double that with a first attempt at making gingerbread and the resolve to enter another cookie challenge over on LilaLoa’s blog, yielded this final result.

Gingerbread Village #19, 20 & 21 by Melissa Joy Cookies

Her challenge involved using the Pantone Fall Colors for 2013. I am not the best at mixing frosting color and don’t particularly enjoy trying to figure it out. I am either happily surprised or really ticked at what I’ve thrown together when trying to achieve something specific. I also would have never thought to use these hues for cookies. So yes, LilaLoa, this was a challenge for me in more ways than one!

Gingerbread House #22 & #23 by Melissa Joy

Am I satisfied with the outcome? Meh. I thought of some more details I could add, but I think I’m just over them. And really, I’m just happy to have completed them in time. Barely.

Bring on the straightforward snowmen cookie.

gingerbread house #24 by Melissa Joy

13 thoughts on “My 2-D Gingerbread Attempt

  1. I think that they are adorable! I love the idea of decorated houses. I always think that I’ll do that with paper but it never quite happens! Way to stick with it!

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