Madeline Cookies

In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines

lived twelve little girls in two straight lines…

the smallest one was Madeline.

Madeline cookie by Melissa JoyI had forgotten about these wonderful old stories until I was asked to make Madeline cookies. The last time I had read these books was as a nanny many moons ago. I guess I never picked up a copy to read to my own boys, so off to the library I went to gather up some nostalgia. They, nor I, will never be too old for picture books…or so I hope!

How to make Madeline CookiesThe start of my Madeline cookies looked like this. Image found on the web, printed and cut out, ready to be traced on my cookies.

Madeline Cookie How To by Melissa Joy CookiesMixing the coordinating frosting, I filled in my lines. I had hoped they wouldn’t bleed together too much, so I used a mini heater fan to speed up the drying process a bit.

Madeline Cookie How ToMy goal with these was to use an edible marker to add all the details, instead of using black icing for outlining. I’ve seen others use that technique, but was a bit terrified they would turn out awful. No going back! I let them dry overnight and followed the image with my markers the next day.

Madeline Cookies by Melissa Joy CookiesIt worked and they were so fun! While I did use black icing for the ribbon on Madeline’s hat, the rest was done with a food writer. It took longer than I thought it would, but I think it really makes the cookies look a lot like an illustration. Using this method, I felt like a kid with a coloring book.

Dang, my “job” is awesome.

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