How does your garden grow?

These may be my most favorite cookies I’ve ever done. For this week anyway. They were definitely a labor of love.

Chocolate Seed PacketsLet me tell you something, decorating sugar cookies is not so easy peasy. It takes a long time, a steady hand, and a bunch of patience. But I love it. It’s been borderline obsession lately. Hey, when a girl’s got to create, she’s got to create!

pumpkin radish melon seed packets

And create I did. I didn’t think these particular cookies were going to take a long time because they seemed so simple, but it ended up being a three day process. Lots of different colors to mix {my least favorite part about decorating}, deciding on which fruits, veggies and flowers were possible, and then there was the stamping.

onion carrot tomato seed packetI bought a set of tiny letter stamps for a dollar a while back that were just waiting to be used on a cookie . They found their purpose on my seed packets. I used a food writer to “ink” each letter and slowly stamped away. It was trial and error and there may have been a little cursing, but like I said, a labor of love.

cucumber cabbage berry seed packet

What drives me crazy, is when I can’t find the time to finish a cookie project. Maybe that’s another reason it took me 3 days to complete them. It’s the constant interruptions of everyday stuff. You know, like dentist appointments, laundry, and making dinner. Bah! Dinner? Let’s just eat cookies!

watermelon onion pea seed packetOn cookie days, I will admit, I have been a wee bit late in picking up the kids from school. I usually tell myself, “I’ll frost just one more…”. Usually the wrong decision. I find myself flying out the door, no doubt with frosting in my hair and still wearing my apron. Maybe if I bring the boy’s teachers cookies, they will forgive my tardiness.

sugar cookie seed packets

Another time consuming process is the photography. I love staging them, and yes, there is staging. Deciding on scrapbook paper backgrounds, table cloths, or props takes a bit of work. I went a little nuts snapping these and had to sift through 133 pictures. Let your OCD shine, Melissa Joy!

melissa joy daisyflower seed packets

vintage seed packets

Maybe it’s the not-so-pleasant Wisconsin spring we’ve been having {think winter} that brought on the need for some gardening around here. Even if it’s in cookie form.

chocolate flower seed packets

At any rate, all the work that went into these was totally worth it. I love to see them all finished and pretty. It’s a great sense of accomplishment, that’s for sure.

Vintage Seed Packets

I never know once I start making a new cookie if it will turn out as I envisioned. I mull a lot, hold my breath, and go for it. In the end, I really only have to satisfy myself. And if you like them too, well, that’s just a bonus.

24 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Melissa . . . these are absolutely FABULOUS . . . just wondering if these are “little” cookies on top of the rectangular “base” cookie . . . AND . . . I am MOST certain that these taste FABULOUS as well. Glad I realized you have this blog as well as the Facebook site. Continued success to a FABULOUS cookie creator!!!

  2. Wow. What a talent. Katelyn asked when we could make these cookies. I told her never, ever would we be able to make them ourselves.

  3. Wow, oh wow! I am completely in love with this set of cookies. Pure genius in every way and the photography?! Shuddup! How awesome are you? In a word: charming!

  4. Missy, I hope this reply works, otherwise I will just leave my messages with your mom and she said she would forward. I just love reading how you are so determined to come up with new ideas and your artwork is incredible. I hope the word gets out how talented you are.. I know companies would love to order these beautiful and yummy cookies.. Your little stories of “trial & error” and how you manage to fit everything into your busy life is quite amusing. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  5. Obsession, cursing, late for the kids, ordinary life/job getting in the way, taking way longer than you thought… I don’t know what you are talking about Melissa! No idea whatsoever! Love what you’ve created in spite of all of that- so pleasing and delicate!

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    • I had to “approve” your comment before it would show up here. It does that to first timers…don’t they know you are THE Sugarbelle?! 😉 Thanks a bunch…I love these too so much. Is that weird?!

  7. Did these cookies ever get eaten or are they on display somewhere. Though I love your cookies, not sure I could bite into these masterpieces. 🙂

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  9. Hi! These are stunning – just came across as I’m planning on a farmers market themed baby shower and I’d like to make these. For the font, did you free hand? Or use a stamp?
    Thanks 🥰

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