Kindness. Pass it on.

IMG_1212Making cookies for a cause is one of the joys of being a baker. I can loan out my talents to help others bring awareness, raise money, or simply be supportive to a plight. Even if it’s someone I have never met.

UNO cardsI was contacted not too long ago from a woman who had recently lost her 8.5 year old son, Riley, to a brain tumor. Again, another sweet child taken by cancer. She was planning a fundraiser to collect video games for the children’s hospital oncology unit where he had been treated. The idea for the event originally came from Riley, who at the time, was excited to get his friends involved in the project as well.

Reverse Draw Two UNOUnfortunately Riley was never able see his plan through, but his mom is making sure it happens. As a way to pass on the kindness her son showed for others throughout his life, she is organizing an UNO tournament in her area to get those donations. She asked if I would make cookies with that theme in mind. And I did.

UNO deckThese stories are becoming far to common. The smallest people, wise beyond their young years, reminding us what is important as they battle their diseases. Their message is simple. Be kind to each other. Give freely. Help out. Love one another.

I just wish we wouldn’t have to be reminded in such heartbreaking ways.

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