Good Eggs

Speckled Eggs

For those who know me personally, know my love of eggs. I eat them every day. Over-medium, poached, scrambled, or soft boiled. As a quiche, on a bagel, with cheeses or toast. So versatile. Can be devoured for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The perfect food! Love. Them.

I love speckled eggs

Know what else? Eggs are gorgeous. Warm browns, light or dark, some bluish, some green, speckled and perfectly shaped. When I get my carton from the farmer’s market or Organic Valley, I have been known to call the kids over to say, “Look at this beautiful egg!”. They don’t quite share in my enthusiasm anymore. Well, they are fine just looking at them or helping me crack them in a bowl, but they would NEVER eat one. Not fond of their stink when cooking. More for me then.

Speckled Eggs in Nest

Someday when I fulfill my longing for a piece of land and a red barn, I may get a coop and have chickens. Then I can have fresh-as-you-can-get eggs, all freckled and lovely, as soon as the hens allow.

Only thing is, I am terrified of chickens.

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