You know when I write most of these posts? When I should be in bed. It’s so quiet and there are no interruptions at midnight. A lot of times I can’t sleep anyway, because I am usually thinking about cookies. Not kidding. It’s a sickness. Who cares about the exhaustion, when there is coffee waiting for me when the sun rises. Coffee and eggs.

Carton of Eggs Close

Just as I was about to clean up the pastry bags of frosting yesterday, I was hit with the idea to make a couple more.

equal rights 2It was a little combo of listening to the news all day and an image I found from who knows where of eggs tied in twine.

rainbow eggs in carton

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that make the loveliest statement.

6 thoughts on “Egg-quality

  1. Very creative MJ! Inspiration at midnight . . do you dream about cookies too? Just no stopping those creative juices. It’s a good thing!

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