I’m definitely no Cézanne

Art class in school was by far my favorite. Always. I loved just about everything, but I was never really crazy about painting. I completely admire those who can create in this way though. I especially love watercolors and I’ve got a Pinterest Board to prove it. Some of my favorite children’s books are in that medium. Holly Hobbie’s Toot and Puddle series rank at the top, but most recently we’ve been reading The Story of the Easter BunnyIt’s a family fave.

Old Bunny Trio

Thanks to Arty McGoo, one of THE raddest cookie artists around, I’ve been inspired to try a little cookie painting myself. So channelling my inner Beatrix Potter, I attempted to paint some bunnies.

I came up with this shape by using a pear and bunny face cookie cutter. Using the “cut and paste” method, I created this shape for my hopper. (These pics are for a friend of mine from high school, A Bit of Scrappy Goodness, who suggested I show a how-to. For you, Miss!)






For those of you that do cookie tutorials on a regular basis, I commend you. It’s hard not to get flour on the camera when doing the step by steps!

Once the cookies were frosted and dried overnight, I brushed diluted food color on a couple of them to get that antiqued look. It was really fun and easy, and I think they turned out pretty good for a first attempt!

Easter Bunny Trio

I also tried the same technique to make eggs and added the splatter of a more concentrated brown. I think there was more “paint” on me than the cookies, but it was worth the mess. These could be a new favorite for Spring! I may just have to break out the paintbrushes more often.

Wishing you a happy easter

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