Fuzzy Hoods for Frigid Temps.

After one insane deep freeze here in Wisco {and everywhere else} that kept us cooped up for a few extra days, it seemed the perfect opportunity to make more of these sweeties I started right before Christmas break. The arctic temps are also a great excuse to heat up the oven for a little extra warmth in the house!snow people by melissa joy cookiesMy hoodie friends couldn’t be easier to make either. Here’s a quick picture how-to, if you want to embrace the wintery weather in cookie form. Start with a circle (mine were around 3.5 inches in diameter) and frost a little face.IMG_6063

After that has dried a good bit, add wiggly, silly looking hair line.IMG_6068

Quickly fill in the hair. Using a scribe tool or a toothpick, drag the bangs down to create a bit more definition.hair for snow people

Let the hair dry for about 20 minutes so you can add the fur hood and sprinkles to make it extra fuzzy.Hoodie Cookie How-To by Melissa JoyNow we are ready for a face! I used a food writer to draw on the eyes and added rosey cheeks with pink petal dust. IMG_6109

I finished them off by piping a nose and red smile. It’s cold, but they look happily cozy!Snow Hoodie by Melissa JoyI love these little guys! Maybe this same design could be done on the top of cupcakes or a round cake? No matter what form, it sure would make a sweet winter treat!

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