It’s-still-Christmas-Break Holiday Cookie Craft


As much as I wanted to get this post finished before Christmas, I just couldn’t get to it. The cookies for the project were made and decorated, pictures hastily snapped, but a complete manifestation never occurred. I’ll blame it on the last minute 10 dozen sugar cookies I decided to bake and frost, and my resolve to make these meringues {that turned out adorable and delicious, by the way. Thank you Martha Stewart} and caused blog post delay. Therefore, I hear by declare this project to be worthy of some after-the-actual-holiday entertainment with your children, if you can get them away from their shiny new toys for a few minutes. And if you aren’t completely sick of having a deluge of sweets around your house. Who could possibly be sick of sweets?!

Christmas Tree Cookie Boxes by Melissa JoyAgain, a shout out to Martha, because the idea for this started when I first saw a sweet, tree shaped gift box in her magazine this month.  I thought it would be perfect to try to cookie and get the kids involved to boot.Christmas Tree Cookies for Kids by Melissa Joy

We started with basic tree shaped cookies that we decorated festive like. A note on it’s actual shape-if it has a trunk, I suggest you cut it off so the base of your tree is straight on the bottom. I think they would be much easier to assemble in the next step…


Once the decoration was dry, I used icing to “glue” the cookies together in a pyramid shape, starting with two. After those had set, I added the third side. You could add more details with sprinkles or frosting to hide the seams a bit. More sugar is always better when kids are concerned.

Christmas Tree Cookie Boxes by Melissa Joy Cookies

My original plan was for the cookie boxes to have 4 sides, but I ended up doing three. Partly because I couldn’t get my boys to participate very willingly in my project this time around and they would only commit to a few cookies each. The other being that the tree trunk made them wobbly during assembly, causing frustration, and there should be no frustration when it comes to cookies.


Regardless of quantity, they sure did a great job! I think they make a fun centerpiece on the dining room table to enjoy for a least a few more weeks. I’m never in a rush to take the Christmas decor down anyway.

3 thoughts on “It’s-still-Christmas-Break Holiday Cookie Craft

  1. These are great!!! I love cookie-ing with my grandsons. We made gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve day. What a hoot!! I’d never made one before so Grandma got to make all the mistakes as she went along….theirs went together much easier because mine didn’t. They already are asking about next year!! You are making great memories with your boys. Thanks for the tutorial!! –Katy

    • The boys weren’t as into this one as they are with gingerbread houses we’ve done in the past. I think they were just too excited for Santa to come and couldn’t concentrate on anything but that a few days before Christmas! Sounds like you guys had a blast too. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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