Christmas Cookie Frenzy

snowflakes by melissa joy cookies

The mixer and oven have been going non-stop over here because I just can’t execute the Christmas creations out of my brain fast enough. My youngest suggested that I take a break from cookies for a while because the holiday season was supposed to be fun…gosh, did I look that frazzled?! I tried to explain that I ENJOY the cookie part of December, it’s just the other stuff that gets in the way. Like making dinner and cleaning and shopping and sending Christmas cards (yeah, that last one may not happen this year). This is why I told you I put my Christmas tree up before thanksgiving. The decorations go out early or they might not go up at all!

Bruce the Spruce Christmas Tree by Melissa Joy

Because I should be paying my bills right now instead of blogging, here’s a brief low down on what’s been made lately in Melissa Joy Land.

Christmas Camper Cookie by Melissa JoyThis festive camper was made for the Christmas Countdown Challenge over at Cookie Connection. It don’t think it will be chosen, but it sure was fun to make! You should go check out the entries…they are incredible!

Joy and Bird Wreaths by Melissa JoyI still loved my birdie in wreaths from last year, but changed it up a bit and added some JOY to a few. Melissa Joy, if you will.

retro reindeer by melissa joyThis cookie cutter I just had to buy. Such a great retro vibe to it and for some reason, it reminds me of my childhood. I want to make a whole reindeer set of these, but that may have to wait until next year.

Pastel Snowflakes by melissa joy cookies Grammy Green Christmas CandiesMixed up the standard holiday colors with this set I made for my mom. She LOVES that lime green color, which we now forever call “Grammy Green”.

Sweet Snow Bird by Melissa Joy CookiesMy sweet snow bird. I love this cookie cutter! I have made a version of him for Valentine’s Day and Easter and will perhaps challenge myself to make him for every holiday throughout the year. I’m a total bird nerd.

snowflakes with bird cookieWell, that’s what I’ve got ready to share for tonight. There are a couple more posts in the works once I have the time, but for now, I really gotta get at the junk piled up on my desk.

Hope your kitchens are happily busy and your place more organized than mine.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Frenzy

  1. I just love your cookies!!!! I went to Downtown Dough yesterday on the way home and got a large copper elf stocking. Spent all evening designing!!! It is so nice to have a friend who “understands” my excitement!!! Today I start baking for packages going out next week. The smell is so awesome!!! {{{HUGS}}}–Katy

    • Oooh, that sounds so great! Make sure you post the finished product on my FB wall, because I would LOVE to see it! Green Bay has a couple fantastic cookie cutter stores as well (which I miss!) so I tend to go a little crazy when I am in the presence of such a selection. Yes, I understand! 🙂 Happy baking!

  2. The blue snowflake wreath is my favorite…so pretty! I’m cookied-out after baking nearly 100 dozen cookies over the past six weeks, but if I were still up to baking before Christmas, I would try my hand at that wreath design. Maybe next year…..

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