My Favorite is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie by Melissa Joy

Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday. What’s not perfect about a day filled with gratitude and food? I love how the whole day comes together in my little world: Macy’s parade, turkey trot, bonfire with the cousins and pink tea. This leads to pots on the stove, a brining turkey, and Grandma T’s autumn leaf dishes. Later when bellies are full, our annual watching of the best Newhart episode ever rounds out the day.

Thanksgiving cookie by melissa jo

This routine never gets old to me. Yes, I am a creature of habit and tradition. Small bits have transformed over the years, like who shows up to run, the place we gather to eat or how I’ll decorate the crust on my pumpkin pie. More notable changes came with the passing of my Aunt a few years ago, my sissy and her husband moving to another state (Miss you, Sisar!), and the happy additions of new little cousins and spouses.

three turkey cookies for thanksgiving by melissa joy

This year, the day will be a bit bittersweet. November 28th, Thanksgiving day, would have been my Nana’s 95th birthday. It’s been just over a month since she died and I’m marching on. I do get misty eyed lately if I enter a department store with the holiday decorations gleaming bright. My Nana adored shopping, so I can’t help but think of her. She could wander around one store for hours, most likely coming out with bag of something sparkly or heeled. Seeing the stores in all their Christmas glory for this reason gets me a little choked up.

Indian Corn Cookies by Melissa Joy

So yes, this Thanksgiving will be different, but the constants will still be there and more notable than ever…reliving cherished memories, a gratitude for having all that we really need, and being fully aware of the love we share for our families. In my opinion, that’s more than enough to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving Cookies 2 by Melissa Joy

8 thoughts on “My Favorite is Thanksgiving.

  1. Thanksgiving is my fave holiday, too, and for all the reasons you mentioned. Well, minus the brining turkey as I’m a vegetarian! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing about your family. I hope you have a fabulous holiday and I’m sure that these cute cookies will make the day even more special. Those turkeys are adorable and I love your Indian corn message! Brilliant! 🙂

  2. Dear Miss Poppins, I would expect creativity extraordinair from you and you did not disappoint. You see, I know your mom and she bulges with special talents. Keep bringing joy to others with your confections and writings. “Gobble Gobble” from Plymouth.

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