Halloween Old, Halloween New

Cookie life ebbs and flows. Some weeks CRAZY, and then nothing. The down time is good because it gives me a chance to organize and regroup everything I’ve let slide. I can feel a little lost in these moments, burned out from trying to create, wondering if I will ever have the desire to cookie something again when the ease of baking pumpkin bread is so satisfying. It seems, without fail, I do. I haul out the mixer and this stuff happens.

Super easy chocolate sugar cookie treats! I like not having to use a lot of black frosting, so this recipe for a base works great.

trick-or-treat candies by melissa joy cookies

My candy corn garland was sturdy enough to hang on the mantel, but I gifted them to a family at school. Random act of cookie kindness!

candy corn cookie garland by melissa joy cookies

The boys and I made these a few weeks ago and they now grace our kitchen table for festive decor.

Melissa Joy Cookies & Sons

The Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe cookies are one of my favorites made this season! I plan on making a Thanksgiving themed board, so stay tuned.

Halloween Cookies by Melissa Joy

Thought I would include some Halloween cookies from last year, before I started blogging, just for kicks.PicMonkey Collage Old Pumpkin Lollies Halloween Platter

I’m planning on shipping a couple dozen of these cupcake cookies to Door County, WI this week for BO’s big bake sale, which I wrote about here.

halloween cupcake cookies by melissa joy cookies

Well, I think I’m all tapped out of Halloween goodies for this fall, but you never know. Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is fast approaching yet most of that baking usually involves pie crusts instead of cookies. Mmmmmm, pumpkin pie….

Honestly, I have been wondering what designs I can come up with for Christmas. I am sure any cookie decorator will admit to that. Because you know, as of this post, there are only 70 more days until that jolly old elf comes down our chimneys. Just sayin’…

10 thoughts on “Halloween Old, Halloween New

  1. Love all these Halloween goodies! The tic tac toe is my favorite! I was at my favorite bookstore yesterday and went looking for Christmas cards for inspiration. They hadn’t put them out yet- what the hey?!?! LOL- before cookies I would never think about Christmas til mid November!

    • How dare they not be ready?! The Hobby Lobby (if you’ve got those stores) here has had Christmas stuff out since August. I will admit to buying wrapping paper this past September, but don’t tell anybody….

  2. Well, you do a awesome job this year! I don’t know about last year because I wasn’t doing cookies then … Omg what did I do with me self before cookies. I can’t even remember what not doing cookies now. Now on with the new thanksgiving for me. I can’t wait till Christmas this will be my first Christmas doing cookies! ⛄️

  3. Love your tic-tac-toe cookies!! My grandkids are into puzzles. This would be a great one for Christmas. Love your GoBo cookies. I’m just finishing a second round to take over on Saturday. Sure glad I don’t have to ship them. Going to be exciting. Love your blog–Katy

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