Happy Summer Solstice

Summer is in full swing here! It’s been hot and sunny and busy. In the two weeks since the kids finished school, we’ve travelled across the state and back, done a major landscape overhaul, and the eldest will be completing his first camp of the season today. Lazy days of summer? It doesn’t seem so, but it’s been good.

lemonade jar cookies

I’ve been cookie lazy though. More time with the kiddies means less time with the oven. That’s okay. Everyone could use a little creative recharge now and again. No place better for a recharge than the pool. Or the beach. Any place that requires sunblock, really.

kite lollipop cookieEvery so often I do get a flood of ideas that get me itchin’ for the kitchen. I will try and squeeze in moments when I get the chance. In the meantime, I’ve got cookie pics, some old and some new to share, just in case you need a little summer lovin’.

summer family reunion cookies bike cookies

bee and hive cookiesLast year we spent the summer relocating. I’m sure you know the hell joy that comes with selling a house, buying a new one, packing, unpacking, organizing, loosing things…like your mind. This year will definitely be a breeze!

lemon cookies

The list of activities we want to accomplish this summer is long, but I think that comes with the territory of being in a new city. Will we get it all in? Probably not. But dreaming of all that awaits us is half the fun.

lemon & lemonade jar cookies

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