The First of May

May Day Baskets, blues and daisies
I remember making small May Day baskets one year in elementary school…maybe it was the first grade? Little containers filled with flowers, brought home to adorn my neighbor’s door, secretly of course. The anxiety over not getting caught as I slipped the ribbon over the door knob of my unsuspecting recipient was quite exhilarating. At least it is when your six.

May Day Daisies
I also placed one on our front door for my mom. I think I told her to stay inside so I could execute my plan. She’d never guess what I was up to, since she obviously didn’t see me carry home cones of flowers. Carefully putting my creation on the knob, I rang the bell, hid nearby and watched. I’m sure her surprise to my lovely gift was genuine when she open the door in delight.

May Day Baskets

I remember feeling so excited and proud to have pulled off my mission with success! It was my first taste of the joy that comes with giving, and being anonymous made it even more sweet. May Day baskets are like an old school rendition of today’s “Random Act of Kindness” gestures, isn’t it?

May Day Purple Basket

Giving May Day baskets on May 1st is such a delightful tradition that has fallen by the wayside, here in the States anyway. I think it should definitely make a comeback.

May Day Basket Cookies

“The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.”
–  Edwin Way Teale

15 thoughts on “The First of May

  1. And also in May . . a beautiful time for blessed children to be born. Happy Birthday this month to Melissa Joy, Elliot Charles, and Woodchuck Chuck. Thanks MJ for the adorable May baskets then and now.

  2. Of course you married the ultimate May Day basket, but to be honest, it didn’t feel like that so much in 1970 when we were stuck at a our mom’s friend’s house instead of at our own home, delivering our May Day baskets to our friends or trying to catch them delivering theirs! We got over it when our new baby brother came home though! Now I have my own special May “baskets” and you have yours!

  3. Missy, what beautiful May baskets you made; again you out-did yourself. May baskets remind me of buttercups growing in the “gullies” behind our house in Sheboygan Falls. I’m not sure what the real name is, but I have always known them as buttercups (a tiny delicate, yellow wild flower). And every spring the gully (a large sunken area where all sorts of things grew), was filled with them. I would gather up as many as a 5-yr. old could hold; with my big brother watching over me, and collecting them for a May basket for my mom. Such nice memories you shared with us about your experience and it brought back beautiful memories of my own. I know the children at the Early Leaning Center still make May baskets out of construction paper and hang them on the doors of surrounding neighbors – such a thoughtful thing to do. It seems like this has become something of the past, too bad. Thanks for sharing. kathy

  4. I love all your May flowers, especially the blue ones! My first attempt was with some flower shapes. The first few didn’t go so well so I had to change the wonky, nothing-like-a-flower shape into a paw print. Even cuter than the flower!

    I’m leaving this blog post as asked for the giveaway! I never win but that won’t stop me from entering.

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  6. Adorable! Can I ask how you hung these? I’m assuming that the can is also a cookie and I can’t for the life if me figure out how you assembled these.

    • The can IS a cookie, but they are not actually hanging. 🙂 They are laying on a table! I had a board with hooks in it and it worked perfectly for the shot! I’m sure I could get a cookie like this to hang though. That could be next years tutorial if I give it a shot! Glad you like them, and thanks for asking!

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