Hey Girlfriends!

I’m like the kid on Christmas who’s got a gift and gives it early. When I am excited about a cookie idea, I just gotta show someone because I love it right then and can’t wait! That’s what happened with these. {Here’s a spoiler alert to the Far Pond Ladies} My high school girlfriends and […]

Love for All

So maybe you don’t have someone to celebrate this Valentine holiday with, for whatever the reason. It doesn’t mean you have to be left out. You could go out and DO something you LOVE.ย Like take a walkย outside and enjoy nature. Maybe treat yourself to something totally delicious. There has got to be something you absolutely […]

100 Days Of (a new) School!

This is a pretty momentous occasion for our household. In the past not so much, but this year it’s a bit more noteworthy. This Friday will be the 100th Day of School for my boys, and being the new kids, that is something to give a little cheer about! It hasn’t been the easiest road, […]